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How to Cut Fiberglass Insulation
Cutting a batt or sheet of fiberglass insulation can be messy and frustrating. The fiberglass is fuzzy and difficult to cut straight. Fortunately, a few simple steps can make the project much easier. Always protect yourself from inhaling shards of... More »
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Using an extended blade utility knife to cut fiberglass insulation. ... Truini: One of the best ways to save energy around your house is install your own insulation.


While fiberglass insulation is usually cut with a utility knife, one of our ... of the way through the job I wished out loud that I had a longer knife to cut the 12” thick  ...

Feb 14, 2013 ... Quick tip to help make your basement insulation project go a little... ... How To Cut Fiberglass Insulation .... Yep, That way works well too!
Feb 13, 2015 ... This video shows how to cut batting insulation. ... Insulation Knife For Cutting Fiberglass Batts & Other Materials - Duration: 2:08. cowboyhack ...


Cutting batts of fiberglass insulation takes forever because the batts are so thick and fuzzy. To speed up the process and produce a clean, neat cut every time, ...


It holds the insulation so it can be cut with a box cutter in a single pass.http:// senseless.livejournal.com/156630.html. ... Trial and error determined that it works best with the paper side down and with ... I seem to get very few visitors by the way.


This way you'll be less likely to tear the facing paper as you cut it. ... If cutting faced fiberglass insulation for narrow stud bays, it is best to cut it as you would ...


Batt insulation is commonly made of spongy fiberglass or glass wool. Folding or tucking pieces too tightly between openings compromises its R-value, or thermal  ...