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beta ray
a stream of beta particles.
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A beta particle, sometimes called beta ray, denoted by the lower-case Greek letter beta is a ... Both of these processes contribute to the copious quantities of beta rays and electron antineutrinos produced by fission-reactor fuel rods.


Beta decay is a radioactive process in which an electron is emitted from the nucleus of a radioactive atom, along with an unusual particle called an antineutrino.


Radiation comes in a range of forms - from gamma to the well-known X-Ray radiation. Learn more about the role they play & how they interact here.


Radioactivity. Radioactivity is the process in which unstable atomic nuclei spontaneously decompose to form nuclei with a higher stability by the release of  ...


Alpha, Beta, Gamma - Radiation sickness can be terrifying, painful and -- in some cases -- fatal. Learn about the causes and symptoms of radiation sickness.


Beta particles / radiation are high-energy, high-speed electrons or positrons. The beta particles are a form of ionizing radiation also known as beta rays.


Apr 24, 2017 ... Beta rays, also known as beta particles, are one of the three most common forms of radiation produced by radioactive materials; the other two ...


Nov 4, 2016 ... When an atom undergoes radioactivity, it emits particles like alpha, beta and gamma rays. Radioactivity basically occurs because the unstable ...


Radioactive substances give out radiation all of the time. There are three types of nuclear radiation: alpha, beta and gamma. Alpha is the least penetrating, while ...