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A beta particle, sometimes called beta ray, denoted by the lower-case Greek letter beta is a ... Both of these processes contribute to the copious numbers of beta rays and electron antineutrinos pro...

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Radiation comes in a range of forms - from gamma to the well-known X-Ray radiation. Learn more about the role they play & how they interact here.

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Radioactivity. Radioactivity is the process in which unstable atomic nuclei spontaneously decompose to form nuclei with a higher stability by the release of  ...

Beta Radiation


Page 4. The Beta Particle. Beta decay is a radioactive process in which an electron is emitted from the nucleus of a radioactive atom, along with an unusual  ...

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Beta particles are just electrons from the nucleus, the term "beta particle" being an historical term used in the early description of radioactivity. The high energy ...

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Characteristics of Beta Radiation. 1. Beta radiation may travel meters in air and is moderately penetrating. 2. Beta radiation can penetrate human skin to the ...

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Atoms are not all stable. The excess energy contained in an unstable atom is released in one of a few basic particles and energetic waves. The Greek alphabet ...

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Beta radiation is radiation due to beta particles, which are electrons (or, sometimes, positrons); mostly, when you come across the words 'beta radiation', what is ...

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(Physics) a form of ionizing radiation emitted by radioactive substances (such as radium), more penetrating than alpha rays, and consisting of negatively ...

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Beta 'rays' were first observed being emitted from certain unstable (radioactive) isotopes, and behaved unlike the alpha and gamma radiation also found in ...

beta ray
a stream of beta particles.
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