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The earliest known depiction of boxing comes from a Sumerian relief ... In Ancient Greece boxing was a well developed sport and ...


History of boxing: Boxing is a sport of fighting with fists, also called pugilism ( literally fist fight) and prizefighting (in other words, the fight for prizes/money). Boxing ...


Boxing History. Boxing. Boxing, often called "the manly art of self-defense," is a sport in which two competitors try to hit each other with their glove-encased fists ...


May 30, 2009 ... This connection to cultural ideals and masculinity has given boxing a volatile history. At times when society felt its manliness to be on the wane, ...


History Of Boxing, Boxing In US, Boxing Events and Categories. Boxing is one of the most popular games, especially in Europe and the Americas.


Ancient and modern boxing rules equipment and history. Origins, Roman development, Amateur boxing. Gloves, mouthpiece and ring. Olympic history.


The first documented "boxing match" took place in 1681 in Britian when the Duke of Albemarle engineered a bout between his butler and his butcher.


boxing: sport, both amateur and professional, involving attack and defense with the ... History. Early years. Boxing first appeared as a formal Olympic event in the  ...


Fifty years after Muhammad Ali refused military induction during the Vietnam War, a new book examines the heavyweight champ's controversial decision.