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Buddhist texts were initially passed on orally by monks, but were later written down and ... These religious texts were written in many different languages and scripts but memorizing, reciting and c...

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The sacred book of Buddhism is called the Tipitaka. It is written in an ancient Indian language called Pali which is very close to the language that the Buddha ...

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The Buddhist holy book is known as the Tipitaka. The Buddha's teachings were preserved in the Pali Canon, which acts as an extensive analytical record written  ...

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The most fundamental Buddhist holy book is called the Tripitaka (or "Tipitaka" in the ancient Indian language of Pali in which it was originally written).

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Buddhist scriptures are not contained within a single holy book, instead the ... In Chinese, this compilation of ancient Indian sacred writings is called "San Zang," ...

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Mar 17, 2004 ... ... there are a vast number of Buddhist scriptures and religious texts, which ... The former, also called the Sutras (Sanskrit) or Suttas (Pali) are ...

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Unlike other Buddhists, Zen Buddhists don't emphasize the sacred texts. ... use more books from the Old Testament than the Protestants do; the Catholic and ...

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Religious texts are texts which religious traditions consider to be central to their religious practice or set of beliefs. Religious texts may be used to provide meaning and purpose, evoke a .... Hi...

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Sacred Texts in World Religions ... Texts can be literal, or metaphorical, or both. ... Unlike other Buddhists, Zen Buddhists don't emphasize the sacred texts.