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The State Bird of California is the California Valley Quail (Lophortyx californica).
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[edit]. The California quail is the state bird of California. It was established as the state bird in 1932.


This is a list of the officially designated symbols of the U.S. state of California. Most such ... The Great Seal of the State of California ... Bird · California quail


This is a list of U.S. state birds as designated by each state's legislature. The selection of state ... Alaska, California, and South Dakota permit hunting of their state birds. Pennsylvania has adopted a "state game bird" but not a state bird, while ...


California designated the California valley quail (Callipepla Californicus), also called California partridge, as official state bird in 1931; facts; photos; video.


Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of California - places to see in ... California valley quail. State Bird · California Valley Quail · California Capitol in ...


The California quail (Lophortyx californica), also known as the valley quail, became the official state bird in 1931. A widely distributed and prized game bird, it is ...


California State Symbols, California State Flag and California State Seal - Animal , Bird, Flower, Tree, Mammal, Reptile, Fish, Insect, Fossil, Mineral, Dance, Rock ...


Adoption of the Official Bird and Avifaunal Emblem. It was the Audubon Society that selected the valley quail as an appropriate symbol of California and ...


The California Quail (Callipepla californica, is a small ground-dwelling bird in the quail family that breeds in shrubby areas and open woodlands in western ...