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This calculator estimates the number of Calories that you burn during exercise and daily living. The report generated by this calculator also includes information  ...

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Calculate how many calories your body is burning just keeping you alive. This will give you an idea of the minimum number of calories you should eat each day  ...

Your calorie burn rate depends on your weight. For example, a 155 pound person can burn 563 calories in an hour running 5mph. Click below for a full chart of calorie burn rates.

Calories Burned Calculator - HealthStatus


When you wear it twice a day, you burn more calories than you would burn working out in the gym (calorie burning claims are as much as 500 calories a day ).

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Free online tool to determine how many calories you actually need daily. Starting burning calories based on your results.

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That lifestyle is burning an average of 1620 calories per day, so if you are consuming more than that then you will not lose weight but rather will likely gain ...

How Many Calories Does the Body Naturally Burn Per Day ...


Nov 8, 2015 ... The U.S. Department of Agriculture says a normal caloric burn is about 2000 calories per day, but author and nutrition professor Marion Nestle ...

Q: How many calories does the average person burn in a day?


An average person burns 1600 to 2500 calories in a day. According to Everyday Health, men burn between 1900 and 2500 calories per day, while women burn ...

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How Many Calories Does the Body Naturally Burn Per Day .... What Is the Average Number of Calories a Teenager Should Burn? What Factors Contribute to ...

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Q: How to Calculate Calories Burned in a Day.
A: Two Parts: Determining Your Calories Burned. Losing or Gaining Weight with Caloric Information. Community Q&A. Whether a person gains or loses weight is determi... Read More »
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Q: Calories burned in a day.
A: It varies per person, with height, metabolism, weight, and activity level. Read More »
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Q: How many calories burned in a day?
A: 666. Read More »
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Q: How many calories burned in a day?
A: Female A: 1630 cals/day Female B: 2110 cals/day Source(s): http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/calorieRead More »
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Q: How many calories burned in one day.
A: It varies from person to person in accordance with such things as their weight, their health, their degree of fitness, and their activities. At a minimum, the a... Read More »
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