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Aug 27, 2013 ... Do guinea pigs feel the cold? guinea pigs and cold weather Due to its compact, body guinea pigs can tolerate the cold more than we think they ...

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Nov 25, 2014 ... In South America, wild guinea pigs live outside, so you might think that it would ... Guinea pigs can tolerate cold better than they can tolerate heat, but they don't .... I bring them all indoors in vicious weather, but I know they look ...

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Dec 3, 2015 ... Most cages marketed for guinea pigs are way too small. ... Guinea pigs can live 5 -7 years and can become bored and depressed without adequate stimulation. ... to reduce risks and for short periods of time in good weather.

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These must be taken indoors as your guinea pigs will not survive ... we have a damp and cold climate, temperatures can often be sub zero.

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We are getting two baby female guinea pigs next weekend. They already live ... I am a bit concerned they will get very cold in the winter. How can I prevent them dying ... Did he live alone, Jaffa? Ours lived outside in snow, all sorts of weather!

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For all of you living in climate regions of harsh winters and summers, here are ... Remember, it is not only you who could get uncomfortable when it is too cold or ...

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Extremely cold weather can be fatal for guinea pigs. If hypothermia sets in and is allowed to go from mild to severe the outcome is quite likely to be death. This is ...

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Keeping my guinea pig warm in winter, how to keep my guinea pig warm, are ... way to maintain your guinea pigs skin which can dry out due to the cold weather.

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Jan 14, 2009 ... Brea Weston on 6 Reasons Why Your Guinea Pig Might Be Biting · linda on Myth #1: Male Guinea Pigs Can't Live Together ... Even though your guinea pigs are inside, you still need to be ... Drafts from doors and windows can cause colds, respiratory ... And don't forget -- cold weather is great for snuggling...

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Ensure your guinea pig has a suitable place to live ... area and secure shelter to rest, feel safe and protected from predators, extremes of weather/temperature.