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Oct 13, 2013 ... If you can wear a given color of shoe with a color of pants the color is present. .... Can I wear a black jacket with brown shoes and gray pants.

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Sep 14, 2015 ... Can I wear brown shoes with grey pants? Yes. Yes you can. There is this oddly persistant belief that a guy can't wear brown shoes with a grey ...

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Jan 17, 2013 ... You can wear brown and grey together. ... The cognac color of the shoes against the light grey of the pants is beautiful and elegant. ... pair of shoes I was told by many older(50+ years old) salesmen that black goes with gray.

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Dec 14, 2005 ... It seems like black would go better than brown with a gray suit, but ... know how to dress well wearing gray suits with brown shoes and a brown belt. ... If the suit is dark gray, however, the shoes, if brown, should be dark brown.

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How does a man wearing a navy, light-grey, or brown suit match his shoes with the suit color? ... medium or mid-gray, charcoal, brown, and black — with three different shoes ... You can pair them effectively with just about any color of leather .

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Brown shoes do go with grey pants. Most other men instead ask “Why don't brown shoes go ... with brown shoes. Yes or no? Do brown jackets and black pants go together? What color shirt and tie should I wear with a gray suit to a wedding?

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Feb 28, 2011 ... Good thing I never wear black pants. ... (Brown shoes can work with a black button-up, but you have to accent it with large ... What about these with tobacco chinos and button down or dark blue jeans with gray sweater?

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Brown comes in a lot of shades, so you can work a few ... to wear with grey chinos, and you want shoes that are ...

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Gray pants are an especially good choice to wear with bright colors, as they tend to tone ... Combinations of gray and brown look sophisticated and understated, and gray ... Gray pants can be worn with almost any shoe color and are a neutral  ...

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Some shades of grey and charcoal may not match well with certain shoe colors. ... What color pants should you wear with a black blazer? ... Both dark and light gray pants work with black tops. ... Can you wear a brown shirt with black pants? Q: ...