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Plus, the cost to have your pet spayed or neutered at The PAWS Clinic's low-cost ... It's a myth that you can't spay/neuter kittens and puppies when they're so young – they ... Is it dangerous to spay my pet while she is in heat or pregnant?

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A newly spayed-while-in-heat bitch will still potentially attract male dogs for ... If you would prefer to wait, however, it is ideal to wait until your dog has been out of  ...

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Apr 9, 2012 ... Dr. Kim Hammond from Falls Road Animal Hospital answers questions about when to spay or neuter your puppy.

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Prevention Is the Solution. There are few greater joys than bringing a cat or dog into your home, and heart. ... Myth: It's healthier for a female to have one litter before she is spayed. ... Myth: Female dogs and cats can't be spayed while in heat.

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By spaying or neutering your pet, you'll help control the pet homelessness crisis, which ... While cycles can vary, female felines usually go into heat four to five days every ... Neutering will also not reduce behaviors that your pet has earned or that have become habitual. ... It's possible to spay a female cat while she's...

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When is the best time to have your female dog spayed? ... Her personality has changed slightly; she's quite sad, and likes to be alone, etc. ... Some vets are even willing to spay a bitch during her heat cycle, but they will charge extra for it ... If your dog is not actively bleeding, you can probably still schedule an appointment...

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Spaying a dog is recommended, so that she will no longer get pregnant and give ... Keep your dog indoors while in heat and when you walk her, you should ...

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After Surgery - How to Help Your Pet Recover ... IF YOUR PET WAS IN HEAT ... If you arrive early please wait in your car while we get your pet ready to go home. ... Your pet had major surgery with general anesthesia, which means he/she was ...

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Will not have a heat cycle; Will not be able to reproduce; Will not affect protectiveness; Will ... While your pet is in heat, she must be carefully confined. ... You also can't be sure the puppies' or kittens' new owners will spay or neuter them, and ...

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The problem with letting your dog have a litter is you've just instantly contributed to the pet ... Non-spayed female dogs will go into 'heat' or estrus usually twice a year. The age at ... A: You need to wait at least 12 weeks after she has puppies.

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Dogs can be spayed while in heat, but may be more prone to bleeding and some ... By examining your pet and determining her stage of heat cycle, they can tell if it ... If you don't want her bred, she should have ABSOLUTELY NO contact with ...

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Question: Can You Spay A Dog or Cat In Heat (Estrus)? ... Your results may vary though, as many vets prefer to wait until the heat cycle is over. The size, age ...

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Does it cause any extra problems to have a dog spayed when she is in heat? ... Overall though, spaying while in heat is as safe as spaying while not in heat and ... if your vet is comfortable that you go ahead and do it asap so you don't have to  ...