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House Gecko Care Sheet | Gecko Care


Oct 31, 2013 ... Introduction When you think about the common house gecko, you probably think about that little lizard you see on the Geico commercial all the ...

House Gecko - LLLReptile


There are many different species of gecko that are grouped into the common name of "house gecko", but fortunately the care remains the same. These geckos  ...

House Gecko Care Guide


Most of the house gecko species have the same care, however. They are hardy little geckos that can be a lot of fun to keep and get their name because they are ...

How to Care for a House Gecko: 11 Steps (with Pictures)


May 15, 2016 ... House geckos live an average of five to ten years, but you can take steps to care for your gecko properly and ensure she has a long life.

Common house gecko - Wikipedia


The common house gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus) is a native of Southeast Asia. It is also .... The Wikibook Animal Care has a page on the topic of: House Gecko ...

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Jul 11, 2013 ... All the reasons house geckos kick ass! ... House Gecko Care. Futterguy ... How to setup a House gecko/ Wild caught gecko habitat. - Duration: ...

Micro Gecko Care- 5 Things You Must Know - Supreme Gecko


Care sheet, micro geckos, Lygodactylus, Gonatodes, Sphaearodactylus. ... While there are some small geckos in the genus Paroedura, Phelsuma, Hemidactylus, etc. ... If you are going to keep these pint sized geckos, you will need a good ...

Lygodactylus capensis. Cape Dwarf Gecko Care Sheet - LLLReptile


Cape Dwarf Gecko Care Sheet - Lygodactylus capensis1. ... from the area are very small, and differentiating between the species is difficult at best. ... in the cage, providing a beneficial microclimate for your geckos within their leaves. ... home drop below 70 degrees, it is recommended to use some form of nighttime heating.

Dwarf Sand Geckos (Stenodactylus spp.) » Amphibian Care


Mar 19, 2008 ... Dwarf sand geckos (Stenodactylus species) are interesting lizards to keep. ... Care Sheets Dwarf Sand Geckos (Stenodactylus spp.) ... Common Names: Dwarf sand gecko, dune gecko, micro gecko, fairy gecko, whip-tail ... Incandescent light bulbs work best to achieve these temperatures; however heat ...

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Q: We have a baby house gecko who has been playing dead over the ...
A: http://www.wnyherp.org/care-sheets/lizards/house-gecko.php. What I would do is adjust the temperatures a bit to the correct levels, make sure the gecko gets 12... Read More »
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