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Health Risks Associated With Cartilage Ear Piercings - Livestrong.com


Jan 28, 2014 ... Health Risks Associated With Cartilage Ear Piercings Piercing ear cartilage is done along the upper portion of the ear. Photo Credit ear image ...

Body piercing - Risks - NHS Choices


Bacterial infection is the main risk associated with body piercings. ... Ear cartilage piercings (at the top of the ear) are riskier than earlobe piercings. They can ...

You're piercing what? Medical complications of cartilage and ear ...


Mar 30, 2015 ... But five days later her cartilage piercings became infected, ... Teens and Tattoos: 7 medical risks to talk about before you get inked (0)

Piercing dangers. - Empty Closets - A safe online community for ...


So, I'm thinking of getting my ear cartilage pierced, but I heard it's really dangerous, because of the risk of infection, shattering, etc.

Health & Medical News - Piercing the upper ear may be risky - 25/02 ...


Feb 25, 2004 ... Piercings in the upper part of the ear are more likely to get infected than ... People whose upper ear cartilage gets infected risk disfiguring or ...

Risk factors for cartilage infections of the ear. - NCBI


Risk factors for cartilage infections of the ear. ... Risk factors for infection included piercing location and the use of a contaminated aftercare solution.

Ear Piercing Can Lead to Disfiguring Infection - ABC News


Feb 24, 2004 ... Brandy Murray, 16, was affected in the Oregon outbreak two years ago, and knows only too well the risks of cartilage piercing. "I got one earring ...

Infected cartilage piercing signs, bump, How to Treat, Clean, Heal ...


Feb 26, 2015 ... Scared by the risks of piercings on your ear cartilage, you might be wondering how you would know if your cartilage piercing is infected so as to ...

Helix Piercing - Pictures, Videos, Types, Infection and Aftercare | i ...


Helix Ear Piercing refers to the procedure in which the cartilage of the upper ear .... proper aftercare should be done to ensure that the risks associated with it will  ...

When is ear piercing dangerous? - Body Piercing - Sharecare


Cartilage piercing is dangerous because it really doesn't take much at all to cause an infection. ... Q What are the risks of jewellery or piercings in the mouth?

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Cartilage Piercing Riskier Than Earlobes - WebMD


Feb. 24, 2004 -- Piercing the cartilage in the upper portion of the ear is more dangerous than earlobe piercings -- and a nasty infection that doesn't respond to  ...

Ear Cartilage Piercing Information, Dangers and Healing


Cartilage Piercing is a trend which defines style and is considered cool especially with the younger generation. Although, this style statement can prove to be.

Complications of Body Piercing - American Family Physician


Nov 15, 2005 ... “High” ear piercing through the ear cartilage is associated with more serious ... may be at greater risk of complications from body piercing.