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Catfish (or catfishes; order Siluriformes) are a diverse group of ray-finned fish. Named for their ..... Also, FishBase and the Integrated Taxonomic Information System lists Parakysidae as a separat...

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Catfish are a group of bottom-feeding fish that are found in freshwater habitats and coastal regions on and around every continent in the world with the exception ...

Channel Catfish
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Siluriformes Family: Ictaluridae Genus: Ictalurus
Species: Ictalurus punctatus
Rafinesque first described the channel catfish from the Ohio River in 1818 as Silurus punctatus. This name was changed by later workers to the currently valid Ictalurus punctatus. The genus name, Ictalurus, comes from the Greek "ichtys"... More »
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young boy holding a catfish Though not as highly prized in Michigan as elsewhere in the country, catfish and bullheads provide fine angling opportunity and ...

DNR - Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus - State of Michigan


Channel Catfish live in a diverse array of habitats, including four of the five Great Lakes (Lake Superior excluded), inland lakes and medium to large rivers.

12 Great Catfish Baits | Game & Fish


Mar 19, 2014 ... For catfish, which feed mostly by smell and taste, it is all about using ... of options available to catfish anglers, certain baits do tend to outshine ...

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Catfish species include channel cats, flathead catfish and bullheads. While some differences exist, most catfish are opportunistic feeders, and some are ...

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They spend much, if not all of their day chasing and eating fish and it's ... I've targeted blues with live shad, perch and bluegill and know others that do as well.

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Q: Feather fin Catfish Information.?
A: They are very peaceful fish but will bully/eat small fish I.e. Neon tetra. They are bottom feeders so you can feed them /frozen food such as bloodworm and shrim... Read More »
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Q: Fish. /. Catfish Information.
A: Hi Jennifer,   He is not a sturgeon but I cannot tell you which kind of catfish he is.  There are almost 3000 different species of catfish.  Did you get him loc... Read More »
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Q: Where can I get more information about Catfish Basketball?
A: I am the photographer, Pam Driver and live in Wichita, KS.  This happened in May of 2004 on our pond behind our home.  My husband, Bill Driver is who you see tr... Read More »
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Q: Catfishing Information and Characteristics Of The Fish.
A: Channel, Flathead, and Blue catfish are the most common species of catfish found in the waters of the United States. You can also find Bullheads and White catfi... Read More »
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Q: Helpful Catfishing Information.
A: There are many different species of catfish, most live in fresh water, but a few can be found in saltwater. Most catfish range in weight from six to fifteen pou... Read More »
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