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Jun 21, 2011 ... Confirmations are taking place at the moment, but the role of the sponsor is somewhat less well understood. In our leaflet Being a Confirmation ...


The day a Catholic is confirmed is one of the most significant events in his or ... A Confirmation sponsor must also be a confirmed member of the Catholic church.


As a Confirmation sponsor, you have accepted a responsibility that is an honor in our Church. Your role is to spiritually walk with the candidate during the.


faith, prayer and service within the Catholic Church, the Sponsor for Confirmation continues that work for the person who is to be confirmed. The Sacrament of ...


Jun 5, 2008 ... So what does this imply when a Catholic is asked to serve as a sponsor for a confirmation candidate, and must get a letter from the parish ...


Mar 16, 2011 ... As they share in a teen's journey toward confirmation, sponsors offer their prayers , experience and their own faith example — as well as a lot of ...


Catholic Confirmation is performed with the ordinary minister extending his hand over ... Confirmation sponsors “bring the candidates to receive the sacrament, ...


A sponsor is a person who encourages and assists a candidate to embrace and actively practice the Catholic faith both before and after Confirmation.


SPONSOR'S GUIDE. As a Confirmation sponsor, you do have specific functions. ... A practicing Catholic who has received all the Sacraments of Initiation.


Role of the Confirmation Sponsor. According to the Code of Canon Law, As far as possible the person to be confirmed is to have a sponsor. The sponsors ...