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Watergate was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s, ...... Despite the enormous impact of the Watergate scandal, the purpose of the break-in of the DNC offices h...

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The direct effect of the Watergate scandal was the resignation of Richard Nixon as President of the United States. A number of Nixon's aides were sent to federal  ...

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Aug 8, 2014 ... Watergate's consequences will linger – felt from the White House ... Now that the smoke is clearing, lasting effects of Watergate are beginning to come into view. ..... The vehicle was fodder for comedians but allegedly caused ...

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Aug 11, 2013 ... The effects of the Watergate scandal, however, did not end with the ... The Watergate Scandal caused many changes in campaign financing.

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When John Gardner formed Common Cause in August 1970 to act as a citizens' ... The Watergate scandal which brought down the Nixon presidency entails the break-in ... The Watergate scandal was now over, but its effects were long-lasting.

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he political scandal that became known as Watergate was much more than a ... However, the most significant impact of Watergate was the damage that it did to ...

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Find out more about the history of Watergate Scandal, including videos, ... His abuse of presidential power had a negative effect on American political life, ...

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Watergate has entered the political lexicon as a term synonymous with corruption and scandal, yet the Watergate Hotel is one of Washington's plushest hotels.

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The one chief cause of the Watergate scandal was doubtlessly Nixon himself. ... dark side of the President's character and the baleful effects of his inner demons.

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The effect of public confidence upon capital markets is one issue that has gone largely ... The Watergate scandal of the early '70s was no exception. ... However, the legalization of gold for American ownership due in 1975 caused the rally to ...