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The causes of landslides are usually related to instabilities in slopes. It is usually possible to identify one or more landslide causes and one landslide trigger.

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How these factors interrelate is important in understanding what causes landslides along with an understanding of the impact humans have on these factors by ...

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A landslide is defined as "the movement of a mass of rock, debris, or earth down a slope" (Cruden, 1991). Landslides are a type of "mass wasting," which ...

What causes landslides?


Some slopes are susceptible to landslides whereas others are more stable. Many factors ... Shocks or vibrations caused by earthquakes or construction activity,.

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Feb 6, 2014 ... Landslides are powerful geologic events that happen suddenly and cause devastation in areas with unstable hills, slopes and cliff sides.

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Mar 27, 2014 ... The primary cause of a landslide is the influence of gravity acting on weakened materials that make up a sloping area of land.

How do landslides affect us?


Landslides cause property damage, injury and death and adversely affect a variety of ... forests, dams and roadways can be affected for years after a slide event.

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Tsunamis can be generated on impact as a rapidly moving landslide mass ... The 1964 Alaska earthquake caused 115 deaths in Alaska alone, with 106 of those ...

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Many landslides are the aftereffects of volcanoes or earthquakes. The damage they cause is often more significant than the damage caused by the triggering ...

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Q: What are the various causes for landslides in Guwahati? - Quora
A: Main cause is cutting of trees which always help to keep the land intact.Another reason is construction of houses in the hilltop. Read More »
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Q: What are some information and causes for landslides in Guwahati ....
A: Please be detailed as I want it for my geography project. Thanks ... Sorry, I am afraid I cannot answer this correctly. Neither I am an expert of ... Read More »
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Q: What are the causes of most frequent occurrence of landslides in ...
A: Young tertiary folded Himalayas mountains, mainly of sedimentary rocks formation, are more vulnerable than much older and stable block ... Read More »
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Q: Do landslides function the same way as avalanches, as in the caus...
A: Well, basically, yeah. You can pick up a basic geology text book, and read up on geologic hazards. Basically, gravity working on a weak structural layer slides... Read More »
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Q: What causes landslides? And would heavy rainfall followed by ...
A: Heavy rain can cause landslides. The ground absorbs water, which makes it heavier. The water reduces the strength of the ground. In the same way ... Read More »
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