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Search for Species Data by Chemical Formula ... Enter the desired chemical formula (e.g., C4H*Cl): ... Allow more atoms of elements in formula than specified.

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ChemExper is a company joining together the areas of chemistry, computer ... is a free service that allows to find a chemical by its molecular formula, IUPAC name, ... Inc. – Search 11428926 different products from 2516 chemicals suppliers.



Free chemical structure search engine with millions of public domain structures from vendors worldwide.

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Q: What Is the Chemical Formula for Zeolite?
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Q: What Is a Coefficient in a Chemical Formula?
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Q: What's hydroxide chemical formula?
A: Hydroxide is OH-, it's a strong base. It is the compound measured to determine the pOH (basicity) of a solution. It's also a common occurrence in many reactions... Read More »
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Q: What chemical formula of steel?
A: Steel is a mixture and thus does not have a chemical formula. Also, there are different types of steel with different compositions. Read More »
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Q: What is the chemical formula for hypromellose?
A: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (Hypromellose) is a polymer. Each monomer has the formula C. 6. O. 5. R. 3, Where R= H or CH. 3. or CH. 2. CH(OH)CH. 3. Read More »
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