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Perfume (UK /ˈpɜr.fjuːm/ US /pərˈfjuːm/; French: parfum) is a mixture of ...... Certain chemicals found in perfume are often toxic, at least for small insects if not  ...

20 Most Common Chemicals in Perfume and Their Health Risks


Principal chemicals found in scented products are: ... BENZYL ALCOHOL (in: perfume, cologne, soap, shampoo, nail enamel remover, air freshener, laundry ...

Does Your Perfume Include Toxic Chemicals? - Mercola


Nov 27, 2013 ... Hidden behind some perfume's pleasant scents are toxic chemicals linked to ... 14 Secret Chemicals Found, on Average, in Fragrance Products.

Toxic Perfume Chemicals Linked to Cancer, Sperm Damage ...


Perfume ingredients may smell good to some people (while giving headaches to ... These chemicals that may play a role in cancer were found in many of the ...

Not So Sexy: Hidden Chemicals In Perfume And Cologne


Jan 13, 2013 ... Find out how using your favorite perfume may be causing untold damage ... These include diethyl phthalate, a chemical found in 97 percent of ...

Chemicals and Toxic ingredients in perfumes. Synthetic Free ...


95% of the chemicals in most commercial fragrances are synthetic ... but traces have been found in: fat tissue, breast milk, body fat, umbilical cord blood, both ...

Not So Sexy | EWG


May 12, 2010 ... Hidden Chemicals in Perfume and Cologne ... These include diethyl phthalate, a chemical found in 97 percent of Americans (Silva 2004) and ...

Why Go Fragrance Free? - Invisible Disabilities Association - IDA


Millions Report Adverse Reactions to Perfumes and Fragrances. ... (5) In addition to many fragrance chemicals, chloroform was found in tests of fabric softeners ...

Is Your Health Being Destroyed by Other People's Toxic Fragrances?


Jun 9, 2014 ... Secondhand fragrance contamination should be the number one health ... Fragrances and other hazardous chemicals are also present in most ...

Fragrance and parfum - David Suzuki Foundation


Some 3,000 chemicals are used as fragrances. <sup>i</sup> Fragrance is an obvious ... and asthma symptoms. <sup>iii</sup> A survey of asthmatics found that perfume and/or colognes  ...

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Q: What Chemicals Are in Perfume?
A: History. Up until the 20th century most perfumes were made with natural animal or plant ingredients and were a luxury to have. Perfume became more accessible wi... Read More »
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Q: What are the chemical properties of perfume?
A: It must be non toxic : Read More »
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Q: What is the chemical structure of perfume?
A: Bad news: There's no common way to make perfumes. Good news: Most perfumes are similar in how they are prepared. Now that I've summarized the answer in two sent... Read More »
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