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The key criteria for selecting a Christian counselor involve the counselor's credentials and faith. ... Part of the When Your Marriage Needs Help Series.


Suddenly, on a plain black field with simple white letters, one read: "Need marriage counseling? I'm available. —God." I laughed out loud. Loyd, asleep in the ...


What is the value of Christian marriage counseling? ... Answer: Any couple struggling in their marriage should seek counseling sooner rather than later.


For many people, just making the decision on whether to seek counseling for marriage and family issues is difficult. Once you've decided (see “Do I Need ...


Christian Marriage Counseling - Are you looking for help and support in your relationship? Consider the expertise of counsel from a biblical perspective.


Jan 24, 2016 ... In an article from GotQuestions.com (http://www.gotquestions.org/Christian- marriage-counseling.html) they list these 10 reasons that Christian ...


Welcome to Focus on the Family's National Institute of Marriage. Home of the life changing Intensive Christian Marriage Counseling Programs.


The Christian Care Network (CCN), is a national referral network of state licensed , certified, and/or properly credentialed Christian counselors offering care that ...


Dec 28, 2012 ... As biblical counselors our goal is to help marriages stay together but we must be careful to not be like the priests in Jeremiahs' day who healed ...


Seattle Christian Counseling has years of experience helping couples grow God- centered relationships that are made strong through Christian couples ...