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The Chupacabra (or chupacabras, meaning "goat sucker" in Spanish) is a legendary beast reported to have killed livestock by draining their blood.
Sightings mainly come from Puerto Rico, the United States along the southern border, Mexico, and other Central and South American countries.
Aug 24, 2008 ... The mythical chupacabra has to be a physical being if it is going to perform physical acts such as sucking blood and mutilations. I put this video ...
Sep 26, 2015 ... Living Chupacabra Captured By Texas Couple !!! ... I guess a Chupacabra does, I don't know." ... Amazing Mystery Videos 106,091 views · 4:33.
Jan 24, 2015 ... Strange animals caught on tape, real chupacabra caught alive and more ... As you can see in the video it is small, hairless and has large claws.


... border numerous reports have surfaced of a creature that drains the blood of livestock and stalks humans. They call it "Chupacabra." ... Related Videos ...

Apr 3, 2014 ... The mythical El chupacabra was finally captured in Texas. ... and the music closing piece comes from Quick Tracts in Corel Video Studio.


Apr 2, 2014 ... A Texas man says he's caught the mysterious chupacabra, but a wildlife official isn't so sure. KAVU reports.


A couple in Ratcliffe, Texas, has captured a creature that they believe may prove the existence of the mythical chupacabra. Jackie Stock says her h.


Chupacabra. Part reptile, part kangaroo, part vampire bat. ... Video Clips. Now Playing. Chupacabra · National Geographic Channel Logo About Contact Gifts ...


Apr 4, 2014 ... So, is this animal the elusive chupacabra? It's clear that it's not, because video of the creature broadcast on KAVU clearly shows the Ratcliffe ...