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Cinnabar and cinnabarite likely deriving from the Greek κινναβαρι (kinnabari), refer to the common bright ...

Cinnabar: A toxic ore of mercury, once used as a pigment


Cinnabar is a toxic, nonmetallic mineral composed of mercury and sulfur. It is the most important ore of mercury and was once widely used as a pigment.

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Sep 19, 2011 ... Cinnabar is a blood-red mineral, and one of the primary ores of mercury. It has been excavated by humans around the world for millennia, used ...

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Cinnabar is a colorful mineral that adds a unique color to the mineral color palette. Its cinnamon to scarlet red color can be very attractive. Well shaped crystals ...

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Mar 28, 2016 ... Mercury (Hg) has a unique combination of physical properties. ... In the early mining and furnacing of cinnabar and mercury, workers showed ...

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impact throughout history as the main ore of mercury and traditionally the main source of the vermilion red pigment. Introduction. Cinnabar has had a variety of ...

The Historical Use of Cinnabar, a Mercury Mineral - Archaeology


Cinnabar, or mercury sulphide (HgS) is a highly toxic, naturally occurring form of mercury mineral, which was used in the ancient past for producing a bright ...

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Mar 7, 2013 ... The mineral is a mercury telluride compound formed when mercury .... Cinnabar ( mercury sulfide) is the single most toxic mineral to handle on ...

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Aug 2, 2014 ... its a retort process of Cinnabar Stone to become Mercury HgS (s) + O2 (g) → Hg ( g) + SO2 (g)
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Jul 21, 2010 ... A slideshow of pictures from the abandoned Cinnabar mercury mine. For security and safety reasons I can't give the location of this mine, ...
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Cinnabar: The mercury mineral cinnabar: information and pictures


Detailed description, properties, locality information guide about the mercury ore mineral cinnabar.

Cinnabar Mineral Information photos and Facts, Red Mercury Ore


Scientific facts about the mineral Cinnabar, Mercury Sulfide ore including characteristics, industrial uses and occurances.

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Cinnabar is a major ore for the production of Mercury. Historically, it has been mined as far back as early Roman times, for mercury. Cinnabar contains as much  ...