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Cinnabar: A toxic ore of mercury, once used as a pigment

Cinnabar is a toxic, nonmetallic mineral composed of mercury and sulfur. It is the most important ore of mercury and was once widely used as a pigment.

Cinnabar: The mercury mineral cinnabar: information and pictures

Detailed description, properties, locality information guide about the mercury ore mineral cinnabar.

Cinnabar Mineral Data

Comments: Red single hexagonal (Trigonal) crystal of cinnabar on dolomite. Location: Fenghuang, Hunan Province, Peoples Republic of China. Scale: Crystal ...
(more below) Photo (c) 2009 Andrew Alden, licensed to ( fair use policy ) Cinnabar is very dense, 8.1 times as dense as water, has a distinctive red streak and has hardness 2.5, barely scratchable by the fingernail. Cinnabar is deposited near the Earth's surf... More »
By Andrew Alden, Guide

Cinnabar: Cinnabar mineral information and data.

Trimorphous with metacinnabar and hypercinnabar .

CINNABAR (Mercury Sulfide) - Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery

Cinnabar is a colorful mineral that adds a unique color to the mineral color palette. Its cinnamon to scarlet red color can be very attractive. Well shaped crystals ...

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Sep 19, 2011 ... Cinnabar is a blood-red mineral, and one of the primary ores of mercury. It has been excavated by humans around the world for millennia, used ...

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Information about Cinnabar and links to cinnabar mineral specimens. For Sale.

Cinnabar Mineral Information photos and Facts, Red Mercury Ore

Scientific facts about the mineral Cinnabar, Mercury Sulfide ore including characteristics, industrial uses and occurances.

Popular Q&A
Q: Where is mineral cinnabar mined?
A: by poopin. Read More »
Q: What color of the mineral cinnabar?
A: Reddish-brown Read More »
Q: What mineral group is cinnabar?
A: Cinnabar is classified as a sulfide. Read More »
Q: How is the mineral Cinnabar used in everyday life?
A: " Cinnabar is the primary ore of mercury. Mercury is used instruments, electrical controls and as a fungicide. It was once used to recover gold from stream sedi... Read More »
Q: Where can you find cinnabar and other minerals around San Jose Ca...
A: They used to mine cinnibar in hills above the Almaden Valley. Currently, the site of the old mines is a state park. You can reach it by taking Almaden Expresswa... Read More »