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Circus skills are a group of pursuits that have been performed as entertainment in circus, .... Jump up ^ "Circus Glossary". Circusland Company. Retrieved 13 ...

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Find an error? Please report it to me. Here's an EMAIL LINK. 24-hour Man — Employee who travels the route 24 hours before the rest of the circus, putting up ...

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(French) The line of uniformed artists and assistants who, in the old equestrian circus, stood at attention at the ring entrance to assist their fellow performers if ...

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Pictorials on canvas hung in front of circus side shows and carnival midway shows depicting the .... The common terminology today is “PC” or “politically correct.

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Circus Terminology. Submitted by Editor on 10/11/2004. Last Modified. Advance Teamógoes into towns weeks ahead of show date to put up heralds and posters  ...

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Circus and Fairs Vocabulary Word Bank, Wordbank.

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The following glossary is a compilation of some of the more common terms, ... Advance Men - Men who go into towns ahead of the circus to put up heralds and  ...

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Terminology. The Fédération Mondiale du Cirque, in conjunction with the Third World Circus Day, launched its International Guide to the Circus, an easy-to-read  ...

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A horse-riding display where circus artists perform various acrobatic manoeuvres while standing or riding atop galloping bareback horses (named after the rosin ...

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Welcome to the Circus Terminology Database ... View commentary by Circus Researchers and Historians. Are you a Registered Federation Researcher or ...

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Glossary of Circus Terms. All circus terms used for this glossary were taken from the book "Circus Lingo" by Joe McKennon. -A-. Ace Note: A dollar bill. Advance: ...

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Glossary of Circus Terms. A _ B _ C _ D _ E _ F _ G _ H _ I _ J _ K _ L _ M _ N _ O _ P _ Q _ R _ S _ T _ U _ V _ W _ X _ Y _ Z ...

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Jun 19, 2010 ... I thought it would be useful to have a glossary of Circus terms on the WFE film blog. Director Francis Lawrence has used a few of these words in ...