List of circus skills

Circus skills are a group of pursuits that have been performed as entertainment in circus, .... By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Circus Terms, Slang - Circus Hall of Fame

Glossary of Circus Terms. All circus terms used for this glossary were taken from the book "Circus Lingo" by Joe McKennon. -A-. Ace Note: A dollar bill. Advance: ...

Circus Glossary - Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey

Help your students learn about the circus and have fun with vocabulary words by printing and distributing our circus glossary All About the Circus. Click on the ...

Carny Lingo - the Ultimate List

You can dip into this glossary to seek individual terms, but you can also read it as a whole, using it as a detailed guide to the carnival/sideshow/circus/vaudeville ...

American Circus Lingo

Find an error? Please report it to me. Here's an EMAIL LINK. 24-hour Man — Employee who travels the route 24 hours before the rest of the circus, putting up ...

Talking Circus: The Language of the Big Top | Circus Life ... - PBS

Decode the circus and learn to talk like a real roustabout using our glossary as a guide.

Glossary of Circus Slang & Lingo~ | ~Water For Elephants - the Film

Jun 19, 2010 ... I thought it would be useful to have a glossary of Circus terms on the WFE film blog. Director Francis Lawrence has used a few of these words in ...

Circus and Fairs Vocabulary Word List -

Circus and Fairs Vocabulary Word Bank, Wordbank. ... The Circus and Fairs Vocabulary Word List, More on the Circus · More Word Banks ... Cooking Terms

Circus and Carnival Lingo and Slang - Circuses and Sideshows

Circus lingo and slang. Showpeople on circuses and carnivals have a special language. Don't be a ( First of May ),learn the terms used on circuses.

Sideshow Terminology | Shocked and Amazed!

The primary element is the definitions taken from Circus Lingo, the seminal work ... 'pickled punk show,' though these last terms are strictly carnival insider lingo ...

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