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Class E Non-Violent Felonies - New York State Laws


NYS Penal Law Class E Non Violent Felonies | A guide to Non-Violent Class E Felony Offenses in the New York State Penal Code | E Felony | NY Laws.

New York State Penal Law - Felony Classes Sentences | NY Law


New York Penal Law - Felony Classes and Sentences, All Felonies range in classification from A to E with the A crimes as the most serious | NYS Laws.

What is a class E felony in New York? | Reference.com


According to reference.com, the New York penal codes identify several types of Class E felonies. Common Class E felonies include: contempt of court and child ...

New York Felony Class Conviction and Law: Crimes by Felony ...


New York organizes felonies into six different classes, ranging from Class E, the least serious type, to Class A, the most serious. Class A felonies are further ...

New York Felony: Class A, B, C, D, E NY Felony


A felony charge can mean a year to life in prison. A NYC defense attorney explains what you need to do to reduce penalties or avoid conviction.

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Contact our New York criminal defense attorneys for the legal ...

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Class B Felony in NY is typically the charge for alleged homicide, violent assault, armed robbery, rape, and drug trafficking. Still a very serious charge, in NY ...

New York E Felonies in Alphabetical Order — New York City ...


Class E Felonies in New York in Alphabetical Order. This information is brought to you by the New York criminal defense lawyers from Shalley & Murray - This ...

How Do Judges Decide Sentences in New York?


Jul 8, 2015 ... For example, Class D felonies, such as third degree burglary and robbery, ... Class E, Non-violent – No jail, probation, 1 1/3 to 4 years; Class D, ...

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A violent felony offense is a class B violent felony offense, a class C violent felony offense, a class D violent felony offense, or a class E violent felony offense, ...