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The Hopewell Culture of Ohio: Teaching Native American History


Oct 9, 2014 ... This article is more than just an introduction to the Hopewell Culture of Ohio. ... They were used for ornaments and decoration on clothing.

Native American Clothes - Tribal Variations - Indians.org


Native American clothes at one time differed among different tribes. ... Many people have the idea that all native Americans dressed the same in the past, but this ...

Native American Clothing History - What did Native people wear ...


Native American Clothing history - What did Native people wear? Did kids dress ... as grown-ups? What did they make clothes out of? ... NATIVE AMERICANS.

What did the Adena Indians wear? | Reference.com


The people of the Adena culture wore clothing made with animal hides and cloth woven from bark and plant material. Evidence suggests that the men wore ...

Hopewell culture | North American Indian culture | Britannica.com


Jan 30, 2009 ... Hopewell culture, notable ancient Indian culture of the east-central area ... together with ornaments that were sewn into clothing or inserted in.

Ancient America: Hopewell - Daily Kos


Feb 17, 2011 ... One of the outstanding characteristics of the Hopewell culture is the earthen mounds. Typical Hopewell mounds are 12 meters high and about ...

Shawnee Tribe: Facts, Clothes, Food and History ***


Food, clothing, homes, weapons, chiefs and culture of the Shawnee. ... 1000: Woodland Period including the Adena and Hopewell cultures established along  ...

Bannock Tribe: Facts, Clothes, Food and History ***


Food, clothing, homes, weapons, and culture of the Bannock. ... 1000: Woodland Period including the Adena and Hopewell cultures established along rivers in ...

Cherokee Clothing - Cherokee Nation


Although there have been many styles of clothing unique to the Cherokee people throughout the years, one style remains in vogue. The Cherokee tear dress is ...

Weapons and Tools of The Kuhne Site Hopewell Indians


The Hopewell Indians who had inhabited the Kuhne site used many different ... The skins were then laced with leather thongs and used for clothing or housing.