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Coat of arms


A coat of arms is a unique heraldic design on an escutcheon (i.e. shield), surcoat, or tabard. .... The word mitsu means the number 3 and the word hishi meaning " water chestnut" (pronounce...

Heraldry Symbols & Meanings - Coat of Arms Symbols


Coat of Arms, family crest design - a collection of heraldry symbols and there meanings.

symbolism of heraldic colors, furs, lines - Fleur-de-lis Designs


SYMBOLISM OF HERALDIC COLORS, FURS, LINES & ORDINARIES or... What does it mean if your coat of arms bears a red boar's head?

Symbolism Page - Fleur-de-lis Designs


What does it mean if your coat of arms bears a red boar's head? ... For a list of symbols and their meanings, without illustrations, visit the Meanings: All page.

Meaning of Colors and Coat of Arms Symbols Red As a - Dallastown

www.dallastown.net/cms/lib6/PA01000011/Centricity/Domain/219/Meaning of Colors and Symbols.pdf

Meaning of Colors and Coat of Arms Symbols. Red. As a positive, it means passionate about something, a strong will to survive, a willingness to take action,  ...

Symbolism of Heraldry


Symbolisms of Heraldry Meanings of the symbols found in heraldry and on coats of arms. The following symbolisms have been excerpted from W. Cecil Wade's ...

Last Name Meaning and Family History with Family Coat of Arms


What is the last name meaning and family coat of arms of my family history is a common question. This attractive print here shows a combination of what your ...

The Meaning of Coats of Arms


The "Meaning" of Coats of Arms. Generally speaking it is almost always impossible to accurately decipher the meaning of the symbolism on any personal coat of ...

Surname History | Surname Meanings | Family Crest | Heraldry ...


It is also an appropriate device for the coat of arms of a family with a seafaring tradition. It is a common figure in the English armour, which is not surprising given ...

Meaning of Heraldic Colors for Your Custom Coat of Arms


Here are the meanings of the heraldic colors of your coat of arms.

coat of arms
a surcoat or tabard embroidered with heraldic devices, worn by medieval knights over their armor.
a heraldic achievement of arms.
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