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A coccus (plural cocci) is any bacterium that has a spherical, ovoid, or generally round shape. It is one of the three distinct bacterial shapes, the other two being ...

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Coccus, plural Cocci, in microbiology, a spherical-shaped bacterium. Many species of bacteria have characteristic arrangements that are useful in identification.

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If the scales are not detached, but remain fixed to the bark, it may be asked, How are the cocci to find their way out? Three Years in Western China Alexander ...

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New Latin, from Greek kokkos. First Known Use: 1888. -coccus. noun combining form coc·cus. Definition of -coccus. plural. -cocci. : berry-shaped microorganism ...

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The major characteristics of coccus bacteria are its spherical or oval shape and the ability to live on its own or in colonies. Like many forms of bacteria, coccus ...

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Define coccus. coccus synonyms, coccus pronunciation, coccus translation, English dictionary definition of coccus. n. pl. coc·ci A bacterium having a spherical or ...

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Cocci bacteria are bacteria that are spherical or oval in shape. The three basic shapes of bacteria are coccus, bacillus and spiral. Cocci bacteria can form ...

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There are three basic shapes of bacteria: coccus, bacillus, and spiral. 2. Based on planes of division, the coccus shape can appear in several distinct ...

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Coccus: A bacterial cell that has the shape of a sphere. Coccus is part of the name of a number of bacteria, such as enterococcus, meningococcus, ...

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coccus. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search. See also: -coccus and Coccus. Contents. [hide]. 1 English. 1.1 Etymology ; 1.2 ...

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Coccus | Define Coccus at Dictionary.com


Coccus definition, Bacteriology. a spherical bacterium. See more.

Some Basic Facts About Cocci Bacteria (Spherical Shaped Bacteria)


Feb 5, 2013 ... Cocci are tiny, sphere-shaped bacteria. This article includes facts about cocci bacteria, including information on Gram stain reactions, common ...

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a spherical bacterium, usually slightly less than 1 μ in diameter, belonging to the Micrococcaceae family. It is one of the three basic forms of bacteria, the other ...