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While coconut oil is not particularly bad for human health and is superior from a health standpoint when compared to butter and trans-fat oils, it is not as good as liquid vegetabl...

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - LIVING FOODS
Nutrition Grade
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat 14g
1 tbsp (14.0g)
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Is Coconut Oil Bad For You? | The Truth About Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Many in the coconut oil business promote it as the "good" saturated fat. But "this is a case where facts have been twisted into fiction," states Dr. Jay Kenney, ...

Coconut Oil Uses and Your Health - WebMD


Coconut oil pros and cons: Is it healthier than vegetable oil? WebMD takes a look .

Is Coconut Oil Really All It's Cracked Up To Be? - Huffington Post


Apr 22, 2014 ... Coconut oil is everywhere these days -- as a butter substitute in vegan baking, a smoothie topper for natural health nuts and even a beauty ...

Ask the doctor: Coconut oil - Harvard Health


May 1, 2011 ... I have started noticing more coconut oil at the grocery store and have heard it is better for you than a lot of other oils. Is that true?

Why is Coconut Oil Good For You? A Healthy Oil for Cooking


Coconut oil was unfairly demonized in the past. However, new studies show that it can actually improve health and help you lose weight.

Coconut Oil vs. Olive Oil for Heart Health - Everyday Health


Mar 3, 2015 ... Virgin coconut oil has many potential heart benefits but less research support when compared to olive oil, a foundation of the Mediterranean ...

Is Coconut Oil Bad For You? | NutritionFacts.org


Jul 30, 2013 ... Some who profit from coconut oil claim it has miraculous powers, ... You know you have a bad product when the only way you can make it look ...

Coconut Oil: Health Benefits, Nutritional Breakdown, Risks - Medical ...


Nov 23, 2015 ... Previously shunned by the health and wellness community for high saturated fat content, coconut oil has experienced a huge increase in sales ...

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Q: Is coconut oil bad for you?
A: Many people claim health benefits for Coconut Oil, but it also has 10x more saturated fat than olive oil so use extreme moderation. Coconut Oil actually has man... Read More »
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Q: Is coconut oil bad for you?
A: In my experience- coconut oil is like so many other things and it good in modiration- if you take too much- then it's not so beneficial. For starters, your moth... Read More »
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Q: Is coconut oil bad for you?
A: You're three? :). I don't know where you got the idea that it's bad but it's seriously, without a doubt one of the best things out there. It can be used in cook... Read More »
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Q: Is coconut oil bad for you and if so why?
A: No Coconut oil is not bad for you, it is even used in IV solutions in hospitals and infant formulas! ! Read More »
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A: Do you happen to have thick and/or curly hair? Maybe the oil is allowing hairs that have already been shed by your scalp to break free from the rest of your hai... Read More »
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