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In physics, two wave sources are perfectly coherent if they have a constant phase difference and the same frequency. It is an ideal property of waves that ...

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logical and well-organized : easy to understand. : able to talk or express yourself in a clear way that can be easily understood. : working closely and well together.

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Coherent definition, logically connected; consistent: a coherent argument. See more.

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C2 If an argument, set of ideas, or a plan is coherent, it is clear and carefully considered, and each part of it connects or follows in a natural or reasonable way .

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Something coherent is logical and clear. "I told you if you didn't do your homework you couldn't watch TV. You didn't do your homework so you can't watch TV.

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From Middle French coherent, from Latin cohaērēns, from co- + haereō. ... coherent (comparative more coherent, superlative most coherent). Unified; sticking ...

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Coherence is one of the most important concepts in optics and is strongly related to the ability of light to exhibit interference effects. A light field is called coherent ...

[koh-heer-uhnt, -her-]
logically connected; consistent: a coherent argument.
having a natural or due agreement of parts; harmonious: a coherent design.
cohering; sticking together: a coherent mass of sticky candies.
Physics, Optics. of or relating to waves that maintain a fixed phase relationship, as in coherent light, or light in which the electromagnetic waves maintain a fixed and predictable phase relationship with each other over a period of time.
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