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Part of a series on the. History of the Cold War · Origins of the Cold War · World War II (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) War conferences · Eastern Bloc · Western Bloc

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Visit this site for this Cold War Timeline detailing Key dates and events. Fast facts and information for students, children & kids via the Cold War Timeline.

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Aug 8, 2014 ... The Cold War Date Summary Detailed Information February 4th - 11th 1945 Yalta Conference Meeting between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin ...

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A Cold War timeline featuring significant national and international events between 1945 and 1991. This timeline has been prepared by Alpha History authors.

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As we begin our Cold War Timeline, recognize that simmering beneath the surface of each year of the Cold War was the fear of a hot war. In every sense, the  ...

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Major Events of the Cold War, a timeline made with Timetoast's free interactive timeline making software.

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The wartime alliance between the United States and the Soviet, Submarine & Cold War History: Cold War Timeline. From 1945 to 1991, the Cold War dominated ...

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Cold War Timeline: The End of the Cold War. Throughout the 1980s, the Soviet Union fought an increasingly frustrating war in Afghanistan. At the same time, the  ...

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World War II ends. Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain, and France divide Berlin and Germany into four zones of occupation, a decision made during the ...

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The Cold War was a time of conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was called a "cold" war because there was never any fighting. The main  ...

Timeline: Cold War
1945: Yalta Conference. WWII ends in Europe.
1946: First East European Communist government set up in Albania.
1947: Communists seize power in Poland. Truman Doctrine announced.
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4 Feb - Yalta Conference where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin meet to discuss terms of German surrender and the boundaries and governments in post war ...

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Causes of the Cold War timeline. Key US History events and dates.

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Major Historical Events for Cold War: 1945: February 4-11 – Yalta Conference with Roosevelt – Cold War Begins. 1946: March – Winston Churchill delivers “ Iron ...