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The common house gecko, scientific name Hemidactylus frenatus (not to be confused with the Mediterranean species Hemidactylus turcicus known as ...

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Photo E. Brown. In Texas there are two species of introduced house geckos, the Mediterranean house gecko, Hemidactylus turcicus, and the common house ...

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How to Care for a House Gecko. Hemidactylus Frenatus and Hemidactylus turcicus, or more commonly know as the Mediterranean House Gecko coming from ... House Gecko&v=dP20pK-wyIE
Jul 11, 2013 ... All the reasons house geckos kick ass! ... You should Hybrid your should leopard gecko with a house gecko. Read more Show less. Reply · 1 ...
A small shallow water dish can be provided, with fresh water daily, but they may prefer to drink from water droplets on leaves. A daytime temperature gradient of 75-90 F (24-32 C) should be provided, with a drop at nightime to 65-75 F (18-24 C). Heat can be provided a... More »
By Lianne McLeod, DVM, Guide

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These little geckos abound in Bali and throughout southeast Asia. They're called "Chichak" locally for the sound of their calls. They would sometimes wake us up ...

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The House Gecko (scientific name Hemidactylus frenatus), is a native of ... Spread around the world by ships, these geckos are now common around Florida and ...

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The House Gecko can be found just about anywhere with a warm climate because of the multiple subspecies that exist. Most of the house gecko species have ...

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Oct 31, 2013 ... Introduction When you think about the common house gecko, you probably think about that little lizard you see on the Geico commercial all the ...

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Common House Gecko - Hemidactylus frenatus ... in the pet trade and may be established around other reptile dealerships but mistaken for other gecko species.

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Q: Common house gecko help?
A: Im not going to answer this question as you may have taken the gecko from it's natural habitat, please just put it back if you did so. Source(s): -.- Im watchin... Read More »
Q: Common House Gecko Questions?
A: Some people will say 10 gallons is acceptable, but I figure if you're not restricted by what you already have, don't cut your animal a check for the bare minimu... Read More »
Q: Does the common house gecko bite?
A: No. House gecko's do not bite. They are very afraid of humans so they avoid us at all costs. Read More »
Q: Does the common house gecko bite?
A: No. House gecko's do not bite. They are very afraid of humans so they avoid us at all costs. Not. All geckos can bite and tame ones like humans. Geckos can infl... Read More »
Q: How to Get Rid of Common House Geckos
A: 1 Reduce the insects in your home and yard. After all, that is their food source; if you cut that out, then the geckos should leave soon after. Ad 2 Try glue tr... Read More »