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How is the asthenosphere different from the lithosphere?


The difference between asthenosphere and lithosphere is how the materials in these layers can flow. Rocks in the lithosphere are "rigid", meaning that they can  ...

What is the difference between lithosphere and asthenosphere?


The asthenosphere is found between 50 to a few hundred miles below the... ... Compare and Contrast Lithosphere and Asthenosphere · Lithosphere Versus ...

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The lithosphere is the rigid outer layer of the Earth required by plate tectonic theory. It differs from the underlying asthenosphere in terms of its mechanical (or  ...

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Compare and contrast the structure and functions of the cell, levels of organization of living ... Compare and contrast the lithosphere and the asthenosphere.

Compare and contrast the lithosphere and the asthenosphere?


Apr 12, 2016 ... compare and contrast the lithosphere and the asthenosphere? - 1200300.

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Compare and contrast the Lithosphere and asthenosphere. Both are part of the mantle. The lithosphere is made up of the crust and top of the mantle, it is a solid  ...

Re: What is the difference between the Earth Crust and Lithosphere?


Oct 29, 2001 ... The crust and the lithosphere both are names for the outermost part of ... asthenosphere, which is sort of a stiff mush and behaves like plastic.

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Compare and contrast the Earth's crust, mantle, and core including temperature, density, ... Layer of the Mantle (asthenosphere) that consists of hot rock of tar-like ... The lithosphere (crust and upper mantle) is divided into separate plates which  ...

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Beneath the lithosphere is the asthenosphere, a relatively weak layer ... Compare and contrast the three types of convergent plate boundar-. ies and name a ...

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New lithosphere is constantly being produced at the oceanic. ridges. However ... Compare and contrast the three types of convergent plate ... Asthenosphere.

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Compare and contrast the asthenosphere with the lithosphere


Difference: The lithosphere is less dense and more brittle, theasthenosphere is more dense and less brittle and the lithosphere is made up ofhot molten rock.yes  ...

Crust and Mantle vs. Lithosphere and Asthenosphere


Crust and Mantle vs. Lithosphere and Asthenosphere. Why do we use two names to describe the same layer of the Earth? Well, this confusion results from the ...

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May 21, 2008 ... Crust, the upper layer of the Earth, is not always the same. Crust under the oceans is only about 5 km thick while continental crust can be up to ...