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Aluminium sulfate


Aluminium sulfate is a chemical compound with the formula Al2(SO4)3. It is soluble in water and is mainly used as a flocculating agent in the purification of ...

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Aluminum Sulfate Al2(SO4)3 Molar Mass, Molecular Weight. ... Al2(SO4)3 is a white crystal solid at room temperature. ... Compound Name Formula Search.

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Molar mass of Al2(SO4)3 is 342.1509 g/mol ... To calculate molar mass of a chemical compound enter it's formula and click 'Calculate!'. In chemical formula you ...

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Calculate the molar mass of Al2(SO4)3 in grams per mole or search for a chemical formula or substance. ... This compound is also known as Aluminium Sulfate.

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Quickly convert grams Al2(SO4)3 into mole using the molecular weight calculator and the molar mass of ... This compound is also known as Aluminium Sulfate.

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Oct 18, 2012 ... The name, chemical forumla, and molar mass of Aluminium sulfate (Al2(SO4)3)

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Nov 1, 2015 ... Aluminum Sulfate is ionic. It's made up of the aluminum ion, , and the polyatomic ion sulfate, . Rather than existing as discrete molecules it ...

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May 1, 2015 ... 3 Al2(SO4)3 has ions namely Al3+ and SO4 2- Total number ... Which of the following is NOT an ionic compound: KCl, Ca(NO3)2, CBr4, AlBr3?

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Aluminum Nitrate, Al(NO3)3. Aluminum Phosphate, AlPO4. Aluminum Sulfate, Al2(SO4)3. Aluminum Sulfide, Al2S3. Ammonium Acetate, NH4C2H3O2.

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Nov 11, 2010 ... This chemical formula must be written as Al2(SO4)3. It is ionic compounds. 1 formula unit consisting of 2 atoms of Al, 3 atoms of sulfur and 12 ...

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Q: How do name the compound Al2(SO4)3?
A: Aluminium sulfate, alternatively spelt aluminum sulfate, aluminium sulphate, or Read More »
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Q: What is the name of this compound: Al2 (SO4)3?
A: Nope! Because Aluminum isn't a transition metal, aluminum can only have a charge of +3. To clarify; Al2 would have a charge of +6. (SO4)3 would have a charge of... Read More »
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Q: What is the compound for al2 (so4) 3?
A: al2(so4)3 is the compound for Aluminum Read More »
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Q: Chemistry question, very simple? "How many atoms in total are the...
A: Let's give it a shot. Al2(SO4)3 is aluminum sulfate. Al2 indicates 2 atoms of Aluminum (Al) (SO4) is the sulfate ion, of which there are THREE ions, meaning the... Read More »
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Q: What Is The Name Of This Compound K2SO4Al2(SO4)3?
A: Its name is potassium aluminum sulfate. Read More »
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