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How to Find the Worth of Confederate Money
Collectors range from those who specialize in contemporary items that can be readily found to those who seek out rarer items. For those who own antique items such as Confederate money, there is a market for them, although it can be difficult to establish... More »
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The Confederate States of America dollar was first issued just before the outbreak of the ... Most Confederate currency carried the phrase across the top of the bill: "SIX MONTHS AFTER THE ... or tobacco. When the Confederacy ceased to exist as a political entity at the end of the war, the money lost all value as fiat currency.


Values of Confederate Paper Money During the Civil War the Confederates States of America printed their own paper money. Confederate paper money.


Values of Old Confederate Paper Money Confederate paper money is very collectible in today's market especially if the money is rare and/or in perfect condition.


You can check out the standard Confederate paper money book here. They paid a 7.3% annual interest rate; double that of the First Series notes of Montgomery ...


Most 1935 and 1957 series Silver Certificates are worth a very small .... All genuine Confederate currency has some collector value, although most of the 1864 ...


Real confederate money can command a hefty premium, but at first glance it's not always easy to determine if old relics are originals or replicas. Some collection ...


APMEX offers a huge collection of Confederate Money/Currency from the 1860s. Click here to view our current Confederate Currency offering including ...

Sep 6, 2011 ... I've always wanted to get Confederate money, and so I'm very happy that I .... and people would accept them for their literal silver or gold value.


The Southern banks had no money to loan, and the price of cotton fell drastically. Confederate notes had no value at all. The US never recognized the ...