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Developmental stage theories are theories that divide child development into distinct stages ... Continuous versus discontinuous development[edit] ... There are many stage (discontinuous) theories in developmental psychology including:.


Two of the more highly debated issues in life‐span development psychology today are continuity versus discontinuity and nature versus nurture.


Let's look closer at two competing theories about development - continuity and discontinuity - and what they have to do with the classic 'nature versus nurture' ...


Continuity and discontinuity are two competing theories in developmental psychology that attempt to explain how people change through the course of their lives ...


stands, the continuity-discontinuity debate is largely misconceived and that we ... Proposed answers to the question of continuity versus discontinuity have filled ...


Continuity and discontinuity are two competing theories in developmental psychology ... What is continuity versus discontinuity in developmental psychology?


Adv Child Dev Behav. 1985;19:1-47. Response to novelty: continuity versus discontinuity in the developmental course of intelligence. Berg CA, Sternberg RJ.


Jan 21, 2012 ... Continuity vs. ... Behaviorists like Vygotsky believed in continuity (gradual) and ... Piaget, Kohlberg, and Erikson believed in Discontinuity.


philosophical categories that characterize both the structure of matter and its process of development. Discontinuity refers to the “granularity” and discreteness of ...