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Dealing With Lawn Grubs. Mastering Grub Control. Lawn grubs, often called white grubs, are the immature form of different scarab beetles, such as Japanese  ...

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Several other white grub species including Asiatic garden beetle, European chafer, ... Control. Nonchemical—Cultural If homeowners can keep their lawn dry  ...

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Protect your lawn by learning how to identify & control grubs. These larvae generally appear late in the summer and can be controlled with the right product.

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Mar 31, 2015 ... Lawn grubs live in the soil eating grass roots and leaving your yard brown and unsightly. Taking care of the problem is a matter of how to detect ...

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Lawn grubs — also known as white grubs — are small, white creatures that curl up into a distinctive C shape when disturbed. They are the larval form of several ...

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White grubs can be serious lawn pests. Knowing when to control them saves you time and money.

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Concerns are often raised about grubs in lawns and ways to manage them. ... The masked chafer (annual white grub) and Japanese beetle lay eggs in July ... Heterorhabditis bacteriophora nematodes have shown good results for grub control.

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Extent of Damage Due to White Grubs Damage from white grubs in lawns can show up anytime after mid-August. However, our experience in the recent past ...

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White grubs are the larvae of various beetles that feed on the fibrous roots of turf ... your grass, walking across your lawn is a good way to control the population.

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White grubs are turf pests found throughout North Carolina. .... lawns can be found under the "White Grubs" listing in the Insect Control in Home Lawns section of ...

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White grub damage is usually most evident in August and September. Early symptoms include gradual thinning, yellowing, and weakening of the grass stand  ...

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Controlling White Grubs on Lawns and Turf. White grubs are immature (larval) stages of June or. May beetles. Most grubs mature in a year; others take 2.

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Apr 14, 2016 ... For lawns where grubs caused significant damage last fall or earlier ... to a depth of 2 inches and look for 0.75-inch long, C-shaped white grubs.