How to Convert Minutes to Decimals
The conversion of minutes to decimals allows individuals to quickly add time in minute increments. This process comes in handy when figuring incremental hourly work, trip times, or explaining conversion for a child's homework assignment. The conversion... More »
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Time to Decimal Calculator - Calculator Soup

Convert time to decimal, hours to decimal and minutes to decimal. Conversion calculator that returns a reduced or simplified time and the decimal form. Finds the ...

Decimal to Time Calculator - Calculator Soup

Convert decimal number of days, hours, minutes or seconds to hh:mm:ss time format. Calculator for float number to time format. Free online converters and ...

Time Conversion Chart - Minutes to Decimal Hours - NC Department ... sheets/Time_Conversion_Chart_Minutes_to_Decimalhours.pdf

TIME CONVERSION CHART. (Minutes to Decimal Hours). Minutes Decimal. Hours. Minutes Decimal. Hours. Minutes Decimal. Hours. 1 .02. 21 .35. 41 .68. 2 . 03.
You'll often find degrees given in decimal degrees (121.135°) instead of the more common degrees, minutes, and seconds (121°8'6'). Take the remaining decimal and multiply by 60. (i.e. .1 * 60 = 6). Though there are 360 degrees in a circle, each degree is divided into ... More »
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Convert Between Hours Minutes & Seconds and Decimal Time

To convert from Hours Minutes and Seconds to decimal time, enter values in the top boxes, then click the "Convert Hours, Minutes and Seconds to Decimal Time ...

Minutes to Decimal Conversion Table

BEACON Minutes to Decimals Conversion for Time Entry Use the table below to convert minutes worked to decimal equivalents.

Decimal degrees to degrees,minutes,seconds converter

Decimal degrees to degrees (º), minutes ('), seconds ('') angle converter and how to convert.

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Degrees (º), minutes ('), seconds ('') to decimal degrees angle converter and how to convert.

Latitude / Longitude Conversion

Convert latitude and longitude coordinates between Deg/Min/Sec, Degrees/ Minutes, and Decimal Degrees.

Popular Q&A
Q: Converting minutes into decimals!
A: It is just fractions 1 hour is 60 minutes = 1.0 hours 30 minutes is half an hour = 30/60 minutes = 0.5 hours In each case divide the number of minutes by 60 So ... Read More »
Q: Convert minutes as decimal.
A: Let's say that the time 4:45 is in B10. To get the decimal result of 4.75, use the following formula: =HOUR(B10)MINUTE(B10)/60. Important note: Once you enter t... Read More »
Q: Converting Minutes to Decimal in SQL.
A: declare @a decimal(5,2) set @a = 36.47. SELECT ROUND(a, 0) + (a * 100) % 100) / 60. Correcting tigin's query to limit the decimal portion to 3 decimals. declare... Read More »
Q: How to Convert Hours & Minutes to Decimals.
A: Things You'll Need. Calculator. A Matter of Speed. Determine the number of hours and minutes you want to convert; for example, 3 hours, 17 minutes and 42 second... Read More »
Q: How to convert to decimal minutes?
A: This is simple. There are 60 minutes in a hour. So, 21 minutes is = 21/60 part of hour = 0.35. But I think you're missing another time. because you need to calc... Read More »