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Loss of rights due to conviction for criminal offense - Wikipedia


The lifetime exclusion of felons from jury service is the majority rule in the U.S., used in 31 states and in federal courts.

Consequences of a Felony Conviction


Mar 28, 2003 ... Consequences of a Felony Conviction. ... although federal anti-discrimination laws place some restrictions on the use of criminal histories.

Felony Restrictions


What kind of restrictions are most felons subjected to? We have the information ... can my son with a felony conviction on a drug charge can get a cdl class A?

Consequences of a felony conviction in California


The consequences & effects of a California felony conviction, including criminal ... Similar restrictions apply to jobs with, or relating to, the federal government.

what CAN'T felons do? [Archive] - Prison Talk


And why do previously-convicted felons lose their Second ... The restrictions placed on felons after their release from prison can be the ...

Statue of limitation for convicted felon with g - Q&A - Avvo


Jan 28, 2012 ... Statue of limitation for convicted felon with gun He picked the gun charge up because he had a sell charge in which they found my gun it was to ...

Federal Restrictions on Gun Ownership by Convicted Felons | David ...


Oct 20, 2014 ... Anyone who has been convicted of a felony is banned by federal law from ever ... There are many other federal gun ownership restrictions.

Federal Statutes Imposing Collateral Consequences Upon Conviction


Nov 13, 2006 ... federal law upon conviction of a felony offense. ..... interest, may censure, place limitations on the activities, functions, or operations of, suspend ...

Statute of Limitations on a Felony - ExpertLaw


Feb 28, 2007 ... Does anyone know how long a felony can stay on your record? ... he was convicted for the sealing of all records relating to a conviction of:.

New Legislation Regarding the Restoration of Felons' Gun Rights


Jul 26, 2010 ... Britt held that a particular convicted felon retained his right to bear arms ... purchase and possess a firearm under federal firearms restrictions.

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What Rights Do Convicted Felons Lose? - The Law Dictionary


Convicted felons lose many of the civil rights afforded to Americans without a felony ... there are certain travel restrictions that may be levied by other countries.

Legal Article: Consequences of a Federal Felony Conviction


A convicted felon may sit on a federal jury if an individual's civil rights have been .... Numerous other occupational restrictions exist such as a prohibition against ...

Other Than Voting, What Other Privileges/Rights Do Felons Lose ...


Apr 25, 2008 ... "Ex-offenders face legal restrictions on employment, they lack access to ... stipulates that persons convicted of a state or federal felony offense ...