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Spelling is the writing of a word or words with the necessary letters and diacritics present in a ... A misspelled word can be a series of letters that represents no correctly spelled word of the sa...

Check Spelling of a Word - English Grammar Rules & Usage


Finding the correct spelling of a word can be difficult if you do not have at least a few of the first letters right. Learning how to spell is considered a fundamental ...

Some methods of spelling an unfamiliar word are sounding out the word slowly, breaking it into syllables, and thinking about the root of a word.
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Forty vs. fourty - Grammarist


The number 40 is spelled forty. ... The misspelling is understandable, as the first syllable of the word sounds the same ..... Even spell check says forty is correct.

40 (number)


40 (forty) is the natural number following 39 and preceding 41. Despite being related to the word "four" (4), the modern spelling of 40 is "forty". The archaic form  ...

Forty or Fourty: What's the Difference? - Writing Explained


How do you spell 40? In this article, I'll explain the difference between these two words, and reveal whether forty or fourty is the correct spelling. I'll use the ...

Heresy | Definition of Heresy by Merriam-Webster


Define heresy: a belief or opinion that does not agree with the official belief or ... Which is the correct spelling? ... Can you spell these 15 tricky spelling words?



Heresy is any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs. ... The word "heresy" is usually used within a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic ... In contras...

Heresy | Define Heresy at Dictionary.com


Heresy definition, opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted ... Spell Syllables. Synonyms; Examples; Word Origin. See more synonyms on ...

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