How to Correct Gaps in Teeth
Dentists refer to any gap between two teeth as a "diastema." Generally speaking, gaps in the teeth do not pose any dental health issues; however, they do affect the self-esteem of many people. If you are unhappy about a gap in your teeth, there are... More »
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Gap teeth are one of the most common cosmetic dental issues, caused by everything from thumb-sucking to gum disease. It's possible to cosmetically or ...

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How do you fix gaps in teeth? Find information about a diastema treatment to close teeth gaps. Learn more today at Gap Teeth&v=C0PSKYhOpD4
Apr 30, 2014 ... Find out two of the best ways to close the gaps between your teeth. --About Dr Gurs Sehmi-- Dr Gurs Sehmi is a ...

Teeth Gap Bands - Close Gapped Teeth

Teeth Gap Bands can fix teeth gaps in as little as 30 days when used properly. The teeth bands are a safe way to permanently close your gapped teeth without ...

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How much you can expect to pay out of pocket for fixing a teeth gap, including what people paid in 2014. Also called teeth gap bands, teeth effect bands cost ...

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At Zaytoun Orthodontics, our expert orthodontists correct gaps in teeth & fix widely-spaced teeth in Raleigh, Cary & Garner.

Cosmetic applications for dental bonding- Tooth gaps, Veneers ...

2) Correcting minor tooth imperfections. 3) Closing tooth gaps. 4) Composite ... front teeth. A case where bonding could be used to close a tooth gap (diastema).

"How to Fix Gap Between Front Two Teeth Without Braces?": Oral ...

Don't forget that if you "move" the two front teeth together, the teeth behind have ... Also which are better to fix my gap, veneers or a white filling?

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bonding front teeth gap cosmetic dentist Many of us have gaps between the teeth . ... For some patients a correction like this can free them to express their ...

Popular Q&A
Q: How to Correct Gaps in Teeth.
A: 1. Contact your dentist and make an appointment. 2. Discuss with the dentist your options, such as tooth bonding, veneers and braces. Tooth bonding involves den... Read More »
Q: Why do people want to cosmetically correct gap teeth?
A: I have a gap between my two front teeth and tiny spaces between some of the others in the front, but my teeth are straight, square and uniform looking. I have a... Read More »
Q: How to Correct a Gap in the Teeth With a Bridge.
A: 1. Make an appointment with the dentist of choice. If you do not have a dentist, or the American Dental Association at can refer you to ... Read More »
Q: How does Lumineers correct gaps in your teeth?
A: LUMINEERS are contact lens-thin porcelain veneers that are placed over ... Read More »
Q: Can u please suggest what is correct? Gap in teeth after orthodon...
A: In my experience significant gaps between the teeth are not the usual status at the completion of orthodontic treatment. I use bands only on the first molars s... Read More »