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How do I get rid of crawfish mounds in a yard? | NOLA.com


May 13, 2016 ... QUESTION: I have crawfish mounds popping up all over my yard. I can remove the mounds of soil, but is there any way to control the crawfish ...

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Aug 17, 2009 ... Catching the burrowing crayfish, Cambarus thomai Post Script: There are a few ... all that for a mud bug they were all over my yard in Houston.

Google Answers: What's the best and safest way to get rid of crawfish?


My yard borders a stream and I have a problem with crawfish/crawdads burrowing mud tunnels in my front yard. When it rains, these tunnels or ...

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I have a ton of crawfish mounds in my yard. I need a safe and effective way of getting rid of them. I have kids that play in the front yard and back ...

What can be done about crayfish in lawns? | Virginia Cooperative ...


In years of “normal” precipitation, my office might receive 1 or 2 requests a year about crayfish and associated lawn problems, but during very wet years, we are ...

Ask a Naturalist.com » Burrowing Crayfish


May 12, 2010 ... The digger crayfish is primarily aquatic, but sometimes digs burrows out of the water ... I am having a terrible time controlling crayfish in my yard.

How to Get Rid of Crawdads in the Yard | eHow


Crawdads--also referred to as crawfish, crayfish, freshwater crabs and freshwater lobsters--can become ... How Do I Get Rid of Mushrooms Growing in My Yard?

Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom: Crawdads


Feb 18, 2015 ... A question I was asked was how to get rid of crawdads in a yard? Believe it or not , I did not have that answer on the tip of my tongue.

Crayfish - Home, Yard & Garden Newsletter at the University of Illinois


Jun 12, 2009 ... The heavy rains throughout much of Illinois have created ideal conditions for crayfish to be more of a problem in turf. Crayfish have gills that ...

Crayfish (Crawfish) – Control | Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener


There are about 100 species of crayfish in North America. ... Tadpole Identification, Frog Calls My Rockdale county Extension friend Jule-Lynn Macie says “In 19 ...

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How Can I Get Rid of Crawfish Holes in My Lawn?


I have a drainage ditch that runs across the front of my yard and catches rain runoff. My yard doesn't stay wet all the time, yet we have a problem with crawfish  ...

Crayfish Control - Bugspray.com


Mar 15, 2012 ... NET TRAP CRAYFISH; CRAYFISH LAWN REPELLENT; CRAYFISH KILLER; CONTACT .... My yard has been taken over by these creatures.

help with crawdads???????Please... - The Garden Helper


From The Garden Forum: Is there anything you can do to get rid of crawdads? ... Well I myself have no crawdads in my yard, but I remember as a child my ...