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Crayfish are kept as pets in freshwater aquariums. Crayfish kept as pets in the US from local waters are usually kept with bluegill or bass, ...

How to Take Care of Crayfish: 7 Steps (with Pictures)


Crayfish, also known as crawfish, crawdads, and mudbugs, are lovable crustaceans that make excellent pets. All you need to take care of one is the right tank, ...

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Jan 7, 2012 ... Crayfish can be kept as pets. This is an information video of how to keep crayfish in your home. If you have any questions I will answer them.

Crayfish Basics - WetWebMedia


However the hobby of keeping crayfish in captivity has been rampantly growing in popularity among people of all ages. Being able to observe them in an ...

What Is Needed to Keep a Crawfish in an Aquarium? - Pets


Crawfish are not difficult to keep in an aquarium, and they're interesting pets to watch. They can be purchased from many pet stores or caught in their natural ...

Keeping Freshwater Aquarium Crayfish - FishChannel.com


This guide provides tips for keeping eight attractive freshwater crayfish species.

Crayfish care in the home aquarium - Badman's Tropical Fish


Crayfish care in the home aquarium. ... I hope you enjoy keeping your crayfish as much as I have enjoyed mine. The life cycle is fascinating to watch, and your ...

Can you keep crayfish as a pet? | Pets4Homes


While crayfish are not among the most common of pets in the UK, larger aquatic retailers and specialist pet stores sometimes offer them for sale as pets, and for ...

Keeping a Crawfish as a Pet - HubPages


Jun 13, 2012 ... Very basic instructions on caring for a crayfish or crawfish as a pet.

Amazon.com : 1 Live Electric Blue Crayfish/Freshwater Lobster (2+ ...


Product Description. Included is one Electric Blue Crayfish of the Procambarus alleni variety. ... Caution should be exercised when keeping large crayfish.

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How to Raise an Aquatic Crawfish as a Pet | Animals - mom.me


Crawfish are small, freshwater crustaceans that have found their way into specialty pet stores. Because of their unusual appearance, distinct personalities and ...

Crayfish - The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Freshwater Crayfish ...


Jun 21, 2014 ... For anyone looking for a quirky and interesting pet, the freshwater crayfish is an excellent choice.. They are easy to care for, extremely hardy, ...

Crayfish | A complete crayfish resource for pet owners


Crayfish - Info on freshwater crayfish, including healthy crayfish food, replicating the crawfish habitat & interesting variants like the electric blue crayfish.