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According to BabyCenter, creamy cervical mucus negatively affects the ease of movement for sperm toward an egg for implantation, and decreases the chances for fertilization. Creamy...

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Find out how noting the changes in your cervical mucus during your menstrual cycle can help you tell ... Creamy, lotion-like cervical mucus on woman's fingers.

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In a typical menstrual cycle, cervical fluid starts out scant and dry just after menstruation, becoming sticky or pasty, then creamy before the more fertile, watery ...

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Oct 3, 2014 ... Creamy Cervical Mucus: The look of cervical mucus change in time of women cycle and CM may be white, watery, sticky, creamy, yellowish, ...

What is cervical mucus (also known as cervical fluid), and what does it have to do with infertility and getting pregnant? Read a definition here. More »
By Rachel Gurevich, About.com Guide

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Get over the gross-out factor and learn how to use cervical mucus to let you know ... The color (white, creamy, cloudy or clear) and consistency (sticky, or smooth ...

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Cervical mucus goes through various changes during menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy. This guide will explain how having creamy cervical mucus before  ...

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Feb 20, 2013 ... It has been brought to my attention several times that not all women's cervical fluid matches the usual descriptions of sticky, creamy, egg white, ...

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Inspect the cervical mucus. Remove the finger from the vagina and examine the cervical mucus. The mucus will be categorized as sticky, wet, watery, creamy ...

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Jun 23, 2012 ... Cycle day 11; typical ovulation is on cycle day 20 for me. At this time, cervix is low , firm and closed. Cervical fluid is scant and white, ...

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Q: Creamy cervical mucus?
A: That cervical mucus can be due to coming off birth control. It happened to me as well when I stopped birth control. Read More »
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Q: Creamy Cervical Mucus?
A: I ovulated on feb. 11th. I am now 12 DPO. Since then i have had more cervical discharge than ever. That had never happened to me also. Mine was white creamy cer... Read More »
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Q: Missed period and very thick creamy cervical mucus?
A: is this normal to get think creamy cervical mucus? i havnt done a test yet just in case im coming on, i dont want to be dissapointed again, been trying for 9 mo... Read More »
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Q: Creamy cervical mucus stuffy nose & back ache early pg?
A: It is possible those are symptoms of early pregnancy. I would Read More »
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Q: Really thick white creamy cervical Mucus????? What does it mean?
A: it can mean either period or pregnancy I'm afraid...only time and a hpt will tell! cm is not a good way to determine pregnancy.. this is from experience. Some m... Read More »
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