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Although close relatives of the grasshopper, crickets belong to a distinct group of insects that possess very large back legs in proportion to the rest of their body. Crickets come in many different types, but all have short life spans, with few living a... More »
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Cricket (insect)

The Talking Cricket features in Carlo Collodi's 1883 children's book, The Adventures of Pinocchio, and in films based on the book. The eponymous insect is ...

Cricket Insect Facts - Bug Facts Insect Field Guide

Cricket: Insect field guide to the most commonly found insects and non-insects in North America.

House Cricket - Insect Identification

Jan 21, 2014 ... House Cricket - The familiar chirp of the House Cricket is a summertime staple that doesn't mind being indoors on hot days.
At night, crickets chirp loudly. If you move toward them, however, they will instantly stop chirping and stay silent. Why do chirping crickets stop chirping when you move? More »

Cricket Information - UA Center for Insect Science Education Outreach

Provides information about crickets such as appearance, diet, and habitat.

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Gryllidae any of approximately 2400 species of leaping insects (order Orthoptera) that are worldwide in distribution and known for the musical chirping of the ... Insect&v=t75GZr-gdLE
Oct 1, 2013 ... SOUND EFFECT playlist here PLg700EF7NB6HStqZXSHFpj2cfYoOJrCJY Birdsong playlist here ...

Cricket control in the fall | Insects in the City

Cricket outbreaks are one of the most predictable pest events of the year in most ... Field crickets are primarily outdoor insects, and as such are only accidental ...

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Cricket is an insect that belongs to the order Orthoptera. There are over 900 species of crickets that are divided in couple of groups, based on their morphology ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What shape is a cricket insect?
A: ovil. Read More »
Q: What is the purpose of a cricket insect?
A: The cricket really does not serve a purpose, but the temperature can be Read More »
Q: Are crickets insects?
A: The cricket is one member of the Orthopterans, along with the grasshopper and katydid. They Read More »
Q: What is a threat to a cricket (insect)?
A: Birds, man for fish bait, snakes, frogs, toads. There is a disturbing video on YouTube of a parasite, a Gordian worm also horsehair worms. One of the Florida Un... Read More »
Q: Are Crickets Insects?
A: Of course,Crickets are Insects. Read More »