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A practical joke is a mischievous trick played on someone, generally causing the victim to experience embarrassment, perplexity, confusion or discomfort. A person who performs a practical joke is ca...

Pranks for Sleepovers - You Can Be Funny


This list is targeted to just those funny pranks you could find on the to-do list at a sleepover. Some of these however, may create a Cruel Sleepover Pranks page ...

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Aug 15, 2012 ... 5 Pranks For SleepOvers Part 1 ... Kids Slumber Party Fun - Scary Prank on Girl - Toddler Tea and ... Gymnastics Sleepover Extravaganza!

"A Lot of Sleeping Pranks" : RottenEggs


1. When your victim is sleeping carefully go up to him and handcuff or cabletie his hands and legs together (this way if he does wake up he won't be able to run ...

How to Play a Sleepover Prank - wikiHow


How to Play a Sleepover Prank. Sleepovers are the perfect place for pranks. Friends are everywhere and bedtime makes anyone an easy target. With a little bit ...

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If you girls just want to have fun, read the fun sleepover pranks for girls to make a night to ... Here are some email prank ideas that aren't cruel but quite hilarious.

What are some pranks to play on sleeping people? | Reference.com


Sleepover pranks are a classic way of introducing some excitement to a slumber party. Some popular pranks include mischievous activities that also.

Good pranks to play on sleeping people - 30 ideas (Pranks 21 to 30)


Continue here with good pranks to play on your friends or family. ... i am having a sleepover on Friday and me and my friend want to play a prank on my other ...

Funny Pranks - Funny Practical Jokes


Funny Pranks submitted by strangers to funny practical jokes. We also have ... If you are at a sleepover, grab some make-up and apply it like crazy. Make your ...

5 Cruel Pranks You Must Do on April Fools' Day! HOW To ...


Mar 31, 2016 ... Video: . For the first prank you're going to need an empty container, preferably black, a smoke bomb and a lighter. I gotta say though this prank ...

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Slumber Party Pranks For Sleeping Slags - Prank-monkey-jokes.com


Now make the bed. Put a bag of concrete in a pillow-case just for laughs. Blindfold your sleeping guest and tie their hair to a bedpost. Easy pranks for sleepovers ...

1000 Sleepover Pranks - Fun Stuff - General - TamaTalk


Page 1 of 2 - 1000 Sleepover Pranks - posted in Fun Stuff - General: It's basically like a ... that I can't be bothered naming, simply list one or two sleepover pranks and we'll try to get a thousand. ... But thats a bit cruel, so I won't.

What are some sleepover pranks? | Reference.com


Sleepover pranks are a classic way of introducing some excitement to a slumber party. Some popular pranks include mischievous activities that also avoid ...