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Custodial parents bear much of the responsibility for their children's well-being. Learn what you need to do as a custodial parent to legally fulfill your obligations ...

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making responsibilities. I'm getting a ... NONCUSTODIAL PARENTS' RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES ... (including cases in which the custodial parent has.

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Here's advice to help the custodial parent adjust to single parenting after divorce.

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In “true” joint custody arrangements for example, both parents are considered to be custodial parents, and both parents have the same rights and responsibilities  ...

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In custody cases, most states' family courts allow a preference for the parent who ... family courts focus on how parents have divided the key responsibilities for ...

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A custodial parent is the parent who is given physical or legal custody of a child by ... physical and/or legal control and responsibility for a minor (child) under 18.

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I am infuriated at some of the comments made against custodial parents on this website. I take offense that the non-custodial parents do not look at the.

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Generally, the parent with primary custody is also considered the primary care parent. He or she usually assumes the responsibility of providing all of the ...

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In most states, the non-custodial parent must help provide for a child's college ... What Obligation Does the Non-Custodial Parent Have for Kids' College Costs? ... Steps for getting back custody of my children · Responsibilities of a Child ...

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Rights and Responsibilities of Parents after Paternity Is Established by Court ..... The non-custodial parent must pay child support even if there is no parenting ...

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If the custodial parent has sole physical custody but joint legal custody with the other parent, the rights and responsibilities of the custodial parent are different.

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What if your very young children are having a hard time being away from their custodial parent? If you can't comfort your small children after a reasonable ...

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The custodial parent is primarily responsible for the day-to-day care of a child ... joint physical and legal custody, which means they legally share parental duties,  ...