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Ages of consent in the United States


In the United States, age of consent laws regarding sexual activity are made at the state level. ..... age of consent 18 (12): Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, ..... The ...

"Romeo and Juliet" Law - The Florida Senate


Florida's “Romeo and Juliet” law was created during the 2007 Legislative ... school age youth being labeled as sexual offenders or sexual predators as a result .... court may set a future date at which the sexual offender may again petition the ...

Statutory Rape: The Age of Consent | LegalMatch Law Library


4 days ago ... Statutory rape occurs when a person over the age of consent ... Federal law makes it criminal to engage in a sexual act with another ... Florida - The age of consent in Florida is 18. .... Sexual Assault · What is Date Rape?

15 year old dating 20 year old- Florida - WORLD Law Direct Forums


The age of consent in Florida is 18, but close in age exemptions exist. By law, the exception permits a person 23 years of age or younger to ...

Florida Statutory Rape Laws & Criminal Penalties | Criminal Law


Statutes governing Florida's age of consent, associated criminal charges, available defenses, and penalties for conviction.

Dating a minor question. Help please ! Florida - Labor Law Talk


Okay, So I am 16 years old and dating a 20 year old. We have been dating since i was 14 and he was 18. I now live with him and his parents.

What is the law in Florida for dating minors? - Q&A - Avvo


Jul 16, 2009 ... I am 15, 16 in two months, and i want to date a 21 year old. However my mom disapproves highly. I am willing to suffer parental consequenses ...

The Legal Dangers of High School Dating | University of Miami Law ...


Oct 16, 2013 ... According to those statutes, the fact that a person under the age of ... Hunt's prosecution based on their allegations that, pursuant to Florida law, ...

Florida Age of Consent & Statutory Rape Laws - AgeOfConsent.net


Florida statutory rape law is violated when a person has consensual sexual intercourse with an individual under Age 18. Close in age exemptions exist, allowing ...

Florida Legal Ages Laws - FindLaw


Chart providing details of Florida Legal Ages Laws.

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What are the dating age laws in Florida? | Reference.com


No laws in the State of Florida require consenting parties to reach a certain age in order to date. However, a number of state laws prohibit sexual activity with ...

Florida - Age of Consent


[EDITORS NOTE: We get many comments regarding Florida and our posting of ... You should understand that our definition of "age of legal consent" is the age at ...

'Romeo and Juliet' law offers a way off Florida's sex offender list ...


Mar 5, 2013 ... Florida's age of consent is 18, though the law contains a provision allowing ... talking about the kid down the block who's dating a 17-year-old?