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Most of the decomposers in the ocean, at every trophic level, can be described as either animals or microbes. Animal decomposers live as scavengers, usually ...

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Some decomposers in the ocean include fungi in the genera Lindra and Lulworthia, the ... fungi and bacteria form the key decomposers of the Savanna biome.

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So just as phytoplanktons ( the foundation of ocean food web ) are important to provide ...

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In the ocean ecosystem the food chain begins with the largest predatory ... A few decomposers of the ocean would be bacteria, fungus, marine worms, sea slugs, ...

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Jul 13, 2015 ... In this Buzzle article, we discuss the importance of decomposers, and the ... The ocean biome, consisting of open waters, reefs, estuaries, and ...

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The things that eat sharks are decomposers such as fungi and bacteria. ... Decomposers are like the garbage men of the marine biome. They go ... ocean algae.



What is a decomposer? Decomposers are the last stop on the food chain, they eat the things no one else wants to. Decomposers many times eat dead things ...

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Decomposers are an integral part of any healthy ecosystem, breaking down plant and animal matter and releasing more simplistic ... Ocean Ecosystem for Kids.

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Oct 8, 2009 ... Decomposers exist on every trophic level. They are mainly bacteria that break down dead organisms. This process releases nutrients to ...

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(Day 119) There are three main types of organisms in the ocean ecosystem: producers, consumers and decomposers. Producers are seaweed and other plants ...