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Limited Government
A political system in which legalized force is restricted through delegated and enumerated powers. The United States Constitution, and particularly the Bill of Rights, were designed to limit government's role to what America's founding fath... More »


Limited government is a concept in political philosophy in which governmental power is restricted by law, usually in a written constitution. It is a key concept in ...


Limited government definition, confined within limits; restricted or circumscribed: a limited space; limited resources. See more.


Another interpretation defines a limited government as one that exercises only the specifically named powers that its constitution assigns to it; it can also be ...


This lesson will provide insight on limited government and its principles as well as give some examples of limited government in society. Read on...


Limited government is defined as a governing or controlling body whose power exists only within pre-defined limits that are established by a constitution or other  ...


Limited Government is one of the components in measuring the Index of Economic Freedom. Learn more about the definition of limited government and view ...


Shmoop: Limited Government, US government study guide. Limited Government analysis by PhD and Masters students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley.


A limited government is defined as a government that is set up to have limited power over its citizens. A limited government has hard restrictions set on its ...


An economy in the people own and control businesses. This is a capitalist economy where supply and demand principles determine what is produced.