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Rather, the development of the productive forces was characterised by social conflicts. ... productive forces could be turned into destructive forces: ... a measure of defence within free trade), es...

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Destructive definition, tending to destroy; causing destruction or much ... is it that " the stranger" is associated with revolutions and destructive forces in the group?

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A constructive force creates or builds something on the earth. For instance, volcanoes are built up by constructive tectonic plate movement. Destructive forces ...

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Apr 8, 2010 ... center of the earth, which is shaped like a ball and is made up of solid iron and nickel. Term. constructive forces. Definition. forces that build the ...

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Define destructive: causing a very large amount of damage : causing destruction or harm — destructive in a sentence.

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Causing or wreaking destruction; ruinous: a destructive act; a policy that is destructive to the economy. 2. Designed or tending to disprove or discredit: ...

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Noun, 1. destructive metabolism - breakdown in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones together with release of energy. catabolism ...

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If something causes a lot of damage, you can talk about its destructive force or power. Something is destructive when it really messes things up.

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How to use destructive in a sentence. Example sentences with the word destructive. destructive example sentences.